Olivia Barratier is a French, British and American painter, she built a career creating images for the film world before engaging full time on her path as a painter.
Her creative journey started the day she set off from Paris, hitchicking to Dublin where she enrolled in Art School and earned a bachelor’s in Art & Design in Visual Communications.

She pursued her career creating film posters for giants such as John Boorman, and for companies such as Warner Bros, Sony and Universal productions. Working on more the fifty major film productions, as film editor, poster designer and creative director.

Her hands have always kept themselves busy besides her intense creative and professional schedule, whether painting, drawing or filling her travelling diaries, constant companions of her adventures, as she moved from Paris, Dublin, New York, Montréal and Los Angeles.

In California she settled for a while, went back to studies at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and created a short film entitled ‘It All Started with a Lie’ featuring her niece and retracing the arch of her journey up to that point. The film won a number of awards, and marks the begining of her desire to create images which tell her own story.

This is the journey she is now on, working steadily everyday at her easel, tracing the contours of the dream, the architecture of the vision, finding her way within the magical mystery of oil paint, to allow the mystery to unfold, the images within to emerge and to set her vision on embracing the fleeting moment, and capturing it.